Join Antonio Galloni and Vinous for this special weekend celebration dedicated to the great wines of Barolo. Fifteen reference-point producers will be on hand to personally show their wines in a historic gathering of winemakers and consumers from around the world. Guests can look forward to an extraordinary wine and food experience, as captured in this short video from La Festa del Barolo 2013. 

Premium Subscribers enjoy reserved seating for the 2010 Barolo: A Modern-Day Classic Masterclass Tasting and priority seating for the Gala Dinner & Charity Auction.

Gala Dinner & Charity Auction ($800/person)

Friday, February 6th, 2015 at The Four Seasons Restaurant, 99 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022

6:00pm Champagne Reception

6:30pm Dinner

Join fifteen of Barolo’s finest producers for what is sure to be an extraordinary dinner in the Pool Room at The Four Seasons Restaurant, one of the most beautiful and iconic dining rooms in New York City. 

Each winemaker will pour two older vintages from their library at the BYOB Gala Dinner, where guests bring wines from their own cellars to share with their friends and fellow guests. A group of New York’s most talented sommeliers drawn from the city’s top restaurants will oversee wine service. 

The Charity Auction will consist of a handful of specially selected, rare lots. This year we are supporting The Zone, a state-of-the art facility within The Mount Sinai Hospital that helps seriously ill children and their families cope with hospitalization. Please note that all checks for auction winnings must be personal checks not Foundation or Family Trusts, made out to The Mount Sinai Hospital.

2010 Barolo: A Modern-Day Classic Masterclass Tasting  ($350/person)

Saturday, February 7th, 2015 at The Four Seasons Restaurant, 99 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022

10:30am – 12:30pm

In the Saturday morning session, Antonio Galloni will moderate a seated masterclass tasting. The 2010 Barolo: A Modern-Day Classic will explore the subtleties and nuances of Barolo's diverse microclimates through the wines of fifteen historic, reference-point producers. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask producers questions in a highly interactive, engaging setting.

Light Lunch ($100/person)

12.30pm – 2:00pm

Immediately following the tasting we will a serve a light lunch at in the adjoining Grill Room, during which guests will be able to continue enjoying the wines served during the masterclass tasting. Lunch is available only for guests who are also attending 2010 Barolo: A Modern-Day Classic.

Attending Producers

Ceretto - Bricco Rocche

Alessandro Ceretto

The Ceretto family boasts an impressive track record that goes back several generations. Ceretto owns vineyards in some of Piedmont’s most important sites, including Asili, Brunate and Rocche. The wines are generally open and beautifully expressive upon release, although they have also proven to age beautifully in bottle. A new Barolo from the prestigious Cannubi vineyard, bottled only in magnum, is the latest addition to the Ceretto range.

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – Bricco Rocche

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Bricco Rocche

Cordero di Montezemolo

Alberto Cordero di Montezemolo

Cordero di Montezemolo is one of La Motta’s historic properties. The winery sits atop the Gattera vineyard, which is known for the famous Cedar of Lebanon on Bricco Gattera. Cordero di Montezemolo’s most famous Barolo is the Enrico VI, which emerges from the Villero vineyard in Castiglione Falletto. The estate's Barolos are built on perfume and a sense of refinement that continues to increase.

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – Gattera

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Enrico VI

E. Pira (Chiara Boschis)

Chiara Boschis

Proprietor Chiara Boschis runs this small property in the center of Barolo with her trademark boundless passion and enthusiasm. The main wines are Barolos from Cannubi and Mosconi. The multi-vineyard Via Nuova is a modern-day example of the classic Barolo approach that calls for the blending of fruit from several sites. Boschis’s Barolos reflect an intriguing intersection between modern and traditional approaches to viticulture and oenology. These are some of the prettiest and most expressive Barolos readers will come across.

Explore:  Chiara Boschis of E. Pira at La Festa del Barolo 2013

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Via Nuova

Elio Altare

Silvia Altare

Deeply influenced by his travels in Burgundy, Elio Altare set out to replicate the purity of those wines in his own vineyards in La Morra. Altare was among the pioneers in implementing low yields, short fermentations and French oak barrels. His wines, even those from smaller years, have stood the test of time with exceptional grace. As profound as Altare’s wines are, his greatest legacy may turn out to be the large number of younger producers he has inspired over the years. The newest additions to the Altare range are Barolos from Cannubi and a special selection from Arborina made from manually destemmed fruit.

Explore: In the Cellar with Silvia Altare

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Arborina 




Elvio Cogno

Valter Fissore

Proprietors Valter Fissore and Nadia Cogno have made some of the most exciting wines in Piemonte over the last few years. Cogno is located in the Ravera sub-zone in Barolo, a collection of sites capable of yielding exceptionally elegant and polished wines. The Cogno Barolos are built on aromatics, finely sculpted fruit and racy tannins, all hallmarks of Ravera.

Explore: Live from Piedmont - Valter Fissore of Elvio Cogno

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Bricco Pernice


G.B. Burlotto

Fabio Alessandria

Burlotto is one of Barolo’s reference-point producers. Fabio Alessandria crafts refined, silky Barolos from some of the top sites in Verduno and Barolo. The flagship Barolo Monvigliero is one of the few Barolos made with 100% whole clusters. In recent years Burlotto's Cannubi has come on very strong. The multi-vineyard Barolo Acclivi and a straight Barolo bottling are generally more accessible and good starting points for readers who want to learn more about the house style.

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – Monvigliero 

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Vigneto Monvigliero




G.D. Vajra

Aldo Vajra

One of the characteristics that world-class properties share is consistency across their entire range, and that is without question one of key elements that places Vajra among Piemonte’s elite. Aldo and Milena Vajra, along with their children, Giuseppe, Francesca and Isidoro, craft finessed wines that capture the essence of the Piemontese artisan tradition. The Barolo Bricco delle Viole, from the Vergne sub-zone, is the flagship, but the reality is that is virtually impossible to go wrong with any bottle that emerges from this cellar. A new Barolo from Ravera is the latest addition to the range.

Explore: Giuseppe Vaira of G.D. Vajra at La Festa del Barolo 2013The Vineyards of Barolo – Bricco delle Viole 

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Bricco delle Viole

Giacomo Conterno

Roberto Conterno

Giacomo Conterno is one of Piemonte’s most historic properties, with a brilliant track record that goes back to the early 1900s. Conterno was among the first wineries to own their own vineyards and sell into export markets. The estate’s signature Baroli Cascina Francia and Monfortino are made from the Cascina Francia vineyard in Serralunga, one of the most pristine sites in all Italy. In particular, the Barolo Riserva Monfortino is considered one of the great wines in the world based on its ability to age spectacularly for many decades after its release.

Explore: Roberto Conterno on 2014, Giacomo Conterno Barolo Riserva Monfortino 1970-2006 (Magnum): article and videoGiacomo Conterno: Barbera d’Alba Cascina Francia 2000-2010 

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Cerretta (from magnum)


Giuseppe Rinaldi

Marta Rinaldi

Time stands still at Giuseppe Rinaldi, one of the most staunchly traditional wineries in Piedmont. Things are done here as they have always been done, which is to say following a gradual and human pace. Rinaldi’s Barolo Brunate represents the intersection of Barolo's artisan and noble cultures. Seductive, alluring yet austere when young, the Rinaldi Barolos are among the most compelling wines in Piedmont.

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – BrunateThe Vineyards of Barolo – Cannubi

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Brunate 

La Spinetta

Giorgio Rivetti

Proprietor Giorgio Rivetti is has brought a new level of attention to Grinzane Cavour, where he crafts two Barolos from the Garretti vineyard. The Spinetta Barolos stand out for their racy, resonant personalities and pure exuberance. Even with all of their early appeal, the first vintages prove that La Spinetta's flagship Barolo Campè ages quite well.

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – Garretti

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Campè 

Luciano Sandrone

Luciano Sandrone

Since 1978 Luciano Sandrone has turned out some of the most elegant and refined wines in Piedmont from his holdings in and around Barolo. In most vintages Sandrone’s Barolo Cannubi Boschis is one of the region’s benchmark wines. The Barolo Le Vigne combines a contemporary approach to vineyard and cellar work with fruit drawn from top vineyards across multiple villages, reviving a tradition that is now mostly lost. 

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – Cannubi Boschis

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Le Vigne


Franco Massolino 

Brothers Franco and Roberto Massolino continue a family tradition of making fine, silky Barolos from the estate’s vineyards in Serralunga and Castiglione Falletto. The flagship Barolo Riserva Vigna Rionda is one of the crown jewels of Barolo. 

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – Parafada 

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Riserva Vigna Rionda 






Paolo Scavino

Enrico Scavino

Proprietor Enrico Scavino, along with his talented daughters Elisa and Enrica has been at the forefront in making rich, textured Baroli that can be enjoyed relatively young, but without sacrificing longevity. The Scavino family owns vineyards in many of Piemonte’s top sites across multiple villages. It’s hard to know where to start, the Baroli Bric del Fiasc, Cannubi and Riserva Rocche dell’Annunziata are all benchmarks. 

Explore: Enrico and daughter Elisa Scavino of Paolo Scavino at La Festa del Barolo 2013 

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Riserva Rocche dell'Annunziata 



Poderi Aldo Conterno

Franco Conterno

Aldo Conterno was one of Piemonte’s giants until his untimely passing in 2012. Today, the winery is run by Aldo’s sons Giacomo, Franco and Stefano. The Aldo Conterno wines are essays into the unique qualities of a handful of pristine sites in Monforte. The flagship Barolo Granbussia is one of Piemonte’s most famous wines, but in recent vintages the Barolos from Romirasco and Cicala have come on strong. The Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolos capture a style that is deeply rooted in tradition but contemporary in execution.

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – Cicala

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Cicala



Luca Currado

The Vietti, Currado and Cordero families boast a rich history that goes back many decades. Vietti was among the first growers to bottle single-vineyard wines, own their vineyards and build a significant presence in export markets. Although the wines have always been benchmarks, they have never been better than under the current stewardship of brothers-in-law Luca Currado and Mario Cordero. 

Explore: The Vineyards of Barolo – BrunateLazzarito2013 Harvest Report  

Masterclass Tasting: 2010 Barolo Ravera 



We look forward to welcoming you to La Festa del Barolo 2015.

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